A splitter is a small piece of electronics hardware which is designed to be attached to a coaxial cable for the purpose of splitting the signal. People use coaxial splitters so that they can connect multiple devices to the same coaxial line, as for instance when people have a cable Internet and television subscription, and want to be able to connect a television and a computer to an incoming coaxial line. Many electronics and hardware stores stock coaxial splitters, and they can also be ordered from electronics companies.
    These devices include a connector which is designed to interface with the line being split, and a number of ports which can be used to connect various devices such as cable modems, phones, and televisions. The number of ports can vary from two to 16, and they may be located on one side of the splitter for convenience, or arrayed around several sides. The connectors are usually of the coaxial design so that connecting coaxial cables can be plugged into them.



        the power divider is used in the home to divide cable TV or over-the-air TV signals to multiple TV sets and other devices. Multiport splitters with more than two output ports usually consist internally of a number of cascaded couplers.